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Welcome to ZENdogz

Natural Pawsome Pet Products

Meet the PR Team

Zendogz Natural Pet Products were born the day my humans looked into my eyes and fell in love. I became the Top Dog, ruler of the house and Prince Peanut within the hour.

Enchanted by my pawsomeness, my humans recognised the importance of not only feeding me healthy foods, which includes Olive Oil and Moringa but also to keep my skin and fur clean by using non-toxic, safe for the environment and bug repellent shampoo.

Truth be barked, my humans are all about living life the natural way. Research was undertaken in great lengths and I became a shiny, wet-nose and wagging tail example of how healthy and beautiful a coat can look using only natural pet products.

As proud Top Dog and Brand Ambassador of Zendogz Pawsome Pet Care Products, I turn heads wherever I go! Now, I do know it is because I am partly such a handsome hound, but it is also greatly attributed to the fact that the Zendogz products are keeping me looking dashing!

I recently got a sister as my partner in crime in hole digging, tug of war and kid magnet. Lady Roxy, the Chief Snapper of Happiness at Zendogz is now sporting a soft and velvety coat thanks to the expanded range of Natural Pet Products that were created just for her.

After a morning run with our humans, eliciting the barks and howls of other K9 friends along the way, we had a lick-attack board meeting. It was agreed, with a few extra loving nibbles, that our homemade with love Natural Pet Products should be made available to all our friends as well.

Being a hunting dog, my nose has sniffed the products for naturalness, and I give it the Peanut paw of approval. As Top Dog, I give all my paw-friends the assurance and promise that Zendogz Natural Pet Products contain only natural ingredients, they are eco-friendly, because who wants to sniff at chemicals? and each bottle is lovingly handmade by our humans.

Woof, Ek se!
Your tail-wagging Wet-nose PR Team


Natural Pet Products

It is a dog’s life at our pad!  We get to go on adventures like camping, hiking and running, not to mention the excitement of going to the shops for coffee, well, more like sniffing the car wheels in the parking lot.

We, Roxy and I, have discovered the secret to even more kisses, treats and tummy tickles and scratches, is to have a soft, smooth and tick and flea free coat.

Regular baths are vital to these!  Especially after camping or if we had fun dogging about in the mud.  Let’s face it fellow woofsters – exploring dirty, smelly spots are the bomb-diggity!  That being said – not being allowed to snuggle on the bed, is not a tail wagging experience in my book.

Bark-Alert!  Our humans are going to add some natural sprays to our range.  This is for inbetween bathtimes.  We cannot wait for it to whelp!  We are running around in circles on the lawn with anticipation. Luckily Trail-running is a thing with our humans.

We woof our humans, and we know they woof us as well!  In fact, they speak dog, or maybe they are just crazy.  We want to be their best-friends for as long as we can and so therefor it is important for us to boost our coat-shining with natural goodness.  We have added some for you to sniff at, that carries the Peanut’s Paw of Approval.

Solution:  next time you em-bark on your adventure, nudge your humans to get you some Zendogz products to take with.  The reward will be pawsome.



Become the sniffing-attraction of your hood!

There is no reason for you to give up on your dogness!  In fact, with Zendogz Shampoo around, it is like having a license to get your fur even more dirty!

Step 1:  Put your paws in the air like you just don’t care!

Step 2:  Get in the tub, enjoy your Zendogz bath time, shake the water off over your humans and enjoy the drying and cuddle time with them.



Tail chasing exciting news doggos and pupsters.

The following natural sprays are on the way:

  • Tick and Flea Repellent Spray
  • Fur De-tangle Spray
  • Natural Odor fighting Spray

Check in regularly or nose-nudge for our “Woof, ek se” woofletter to be first in line for marking rights!


Whether you are a Mutt of a Pedigree, doesn’t matter to us.  In our eyes, you are all part of the Zendogz-pack.

We all deserve to have the best dog-life around and to continue to be man’s best friend for as long as possible.

During our paw-patrols, we have sniffed out some natural supplements that we believe is vital to your continued puppy-eye look.  This is one dig-in that will not get you into trouble



Let’s face it, being a dog is hard work. We have to run, go for walks, play, protect our humans, and sometimes even the house when they are out, so just like them, we also suffer from anxiety, depression, pain and inflammation, sleep issues, etc.

Luckily, here at ZENdogz we have developed a pawsome treat made from all natural ingredients with only the highest grade  CBD oil added to help you recover while you chill out. 

Our Pawsome Shampoos

Our Natural Shampoo Range is made with only 4 ingredients, apart from the Gentle Care one that has an extra ingredient added.

We use Castile soap as the base for all our shampoos.

Just as it is important for us humans to have an alkaline body for health reasons, so to is it for dogs.  Each person and each dog has its own PH level and as dogs are not humans, it is important to not use human products on dogs.

Dogs should have an alkaline body of between 6 -8,5.  We therefor need to ensure that the shampoo we use to wash them, has at least an alkaline level of above 7. 

That is where Castile soap comes in:  With an alkaline level of 8,9, as well as being unscented and a natural product, it is perfect for our fur-kids.

Bugz Away Dog Shampoo

Home made with love 4 ingredient natural shampoo

Castile Soap

Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Oil

Essential Oils to repel ticks and fleas


Puppy Luv Dog Shampoo

Home made with love 4 ingredient natural shampoo

Castile Soap

Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Oil

Essential Oils that are gentle on puppy skin


Gentle Care Dog Shampoo

Home made with love 5 ingredient natural shampoo

Castile Soap

Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Oil

Aloe Vera Gel

Essential Oils to smooth and heal dry, itchy and sensitive skin





Environmentally Friendly



Why Natural?

For us it is an obvious choice!  We will not consume any product that is not natural or that we do not know what the ingredients are, where it originates from and that it is environmentally safe as well as obtained from sustainable sources.  Peanut and Roxy are our children and it goes without saying that we want only the best for them. 

With store bought products, one cannot be sure what is all in there and how safe it really is for our paw-kids. 

At Zendogz we ensure that only the best, natural products are used.  We aim to make it as cost-effective as possible for you, with the added benefit of Home-Made with Love, added to every bottle that is made.

dirty dog

This is Bill

Bill is an avid garderner and lizzard hunter.

Bill loves to get dirty and smelly.

Bill does not like bath-time.

Don’t be like Bill!

Bark Raving Reviews

“  When I first got adopted I was not allowed to  bath for about 2 weeks till my stiches were removed.  I smelled like kennel and didn’t know what bath-time was.  I was like Bill! My new humans bathed me as soon as they could.  I am now soft and cuddly, running around smelling like a puppy.  I am now pawsome!” – Roxy aka Roxilla

“  My pack wanted to run away from me, until my mommy discovered ZENdogz Gentle Care Shampoo. It’s specialised formula with Aloe is awesome for my itchy and dry skin. Now I not only feel great, I also look and smell good. Oh and did I mention the pack now LOVES running with me.” – Zion the Siberian Husky

“  Since I was a tiny pupper I have always loved bath time!
Sometimes I even jump into the tub with Mommy, but she doesn’t seem to like that very much. I have very long hair that gets matted and tangled easily and my skin is very sensitive. Mommy has been trying out different shampoos on me, but this new one is my favourite. It smells good, makes my hair shiny and my skin isn’t itchy anymore! I recommend ZENdogz pawsome pet shampoo to all my fluffy friends. ” – Charlie Barkes

Follow our Trail 

Bill has changed his ways.

Bill now bathes after each gardening adventure.

Bill has become pawsome.

Be like Bill!

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